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Release & Consent – Licciardello Stables & Riding Academy, Inc.

Under Florida law, an equine sponsor or professional is not liable for any injury to, or death of, a participant in equine activities. The undersigned person or parent/guardian(s) agrees to assume all responsibility and risk from the use of riding horses while taking lessons or doing general practice at Licciardello Stables & Riding Academy, Inc. Further, the undersigned person/guardian(s) agree to hold Licciardello Stables & Riding Academy, Inc. teachers, instructors, trainers, staff, and all other employees harmless from all damages or liability for any injury to person(s) or property arising from riding lessons, general practice, boarding,

equipment, and presence in the stables or grounds of Licciardello Stables & Riding Academy, Inc. The release includes activities at remote locations, such as horse shows, trail rides, and general riding around the farm and nearby premises. The undersigned person or parent/ guardian(s) acknowledge that horseback riding and other associated activities are inherently dangerous. Although not likely, risk of injury is possible.

The undersigned person or parent/guardian(s) consent to the performance of any necessary medical treatment in the case of injury. Such medical includes, but not limited to, X-rays, physical examinations, anesthetics, medical and surgical diagnosis and treatment and/or hospital services. This medical consent applies to any activities at Licciardello Stables &Riding Academy, Inc. or activities under the authority of Licciardello stables at remote locations (horse shows, riding around farm, or other activities including the feeding of treats).

It is that this consent is given in advance of any specific required diagnosis or treatment. It is given to encourage the staff at Licciardello Stables, hospital staff, and physicians to exercise their best judgment regarding the requirement of medical diagnosis or treatment. In the interest of obtaining the quickest possible medical treatment, the undersigned agrees to pay all fees for doctors, hospitals, ambulances, and any other medical charges reasonably or necessarily incurred.

Helmets are required to be worn by any students under the age of 18 and encouraged by the instruction of all Licciardello Stables representatives. Adults that chose to not wear a helmet, take full responsibility for this choice and accept any and all medical responsibility associated with said choice. The choice to wear a helmet includes all remote and nearby locations. The undersigned specifically releases Licciardello Stables & Riding Academy, Inc. and its teachers, instructors, trainers, staff, and all other employees from any liability resulting from any injury or accident that might have been avoided using a helmet.



KTL Commercial Industries, DBA Licciardello Stables has my permission to use my or my child’s photograph publicly to promote the Stables. I understand that images maybe used in printed applications, online, presentations, websites and social media. I also understand that no royalty, fee or other compensations shall become payable to me by reason of such use.


I understand that I must call 24 hours in advance to cancel my child’s horseback riding lessons, with the exception of emergencies. I understand that for the first three no show/no call lessons I will be charged a $20 cancelation fee. If the last minute cancelations continue or there are more than three no show/no call lessons I understand that I will be charged at full price for my lesson or my child’s lesson. I also understand that Licciardello Stables blocks my time slot, prepares my horse and counts on my lesson each week.


I understand that Licciardello Stables has a no tolerance policy for profanity, bullying or inappropriate content involving the stables on social media. For example, if myself or my child are on Licciardello Stables property or using/wearing the “Licciardello Stables” name in any way I agree that my content posted online will be appropriate and respectful. That being said, Licciardello Stables praises our name, hashtags and pictures to be posted as you please in a positive way, please tag us in your experiences!