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Training Programs

We offer training for young prospects who have received little to no training, all the way to elite seasoned show horses and riders. No matter the experience level we will make sure your show horse is kept in top condition to compete at high levels. Claire Karst has learned from the best and created a program that truly creates a quality show horse and rider. 

The care of your equine athlete is second only to quality training at Licciardello Stables. Along with the training program, an individualized grooming and sports medicine program is developed to make sure your horse is happy and healthy so they can show off to the best of their abilities. We use multiple local and national veterinarians and other equine health care providers to ensure we are on the correct path to create a top competitor.

The show division uses two talented farriers to care for our horses’ feet. Locally we have a dedicated and highly skilled farrier, Ryan MacDonald who also works with our specialized out-of-town farrier Paul Human. Paul Human is considered one of the best Saddle Seat shoers on the country.

Claire has created a talented horse care team that she works with to create a consistent, purposeful and productive training program to help the horse owner reach their goals with their horse.



Training Saddle Seat show horses is the focus in the Show Division with Head Show trainer Claire Karst at Licciardello Stables. Claire can help you find a partner to get where you want to go in the show arena or to create an equine athlete that is marketable for sale.

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June 27th- July 1st

Cleveland Tri-State Charity Horse Show – Cleveland, TN


August 2023

Worlds Championship Horse Show  – Louisville KY 


September 7th-10th

Summers End Horse Show – WEC Ocala FL


October 24th-28th

Ocala International Horse Show – WEC Ocala FL